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No human being could imagine a world without the existence of music and we collaborate with it, creating what you need whatever style or sound you are looking for your production.

Music Producer
John Doe

Diego Chicou

Musician author and composer. Producer of extensive experience in the media and in the recording industry. Creator of several hits both in the jingle market and on television, producing music in programs such as VIDEO MATCH (Telefé), LOS RODRIGUEZ (Canal 9), TOTALMENTE (Canal 9), TODO X 2 PESOS (América), LA OTRA VERDAD (América). In Mundra he creates and produces together with Fernando Monteleone with whom he has been working for more than 15 years.

Jane Helf

Fernando Monteleone

Graduated from the Popular Music School of SADEM and disciple of teachers like Guillermo Klein and Diego Schissi among others. Composer and orchestrator with a broad trajectory in audiovisual matters both in Film and Incidental and curtains for TV and Radio. Some of them like LOS ROLDAN (Telefé) y SON AMORES (Canal 13). It is currently part of the stable training of THE BEATS y LEO GARCIA. He was a musician of the stable formation of VIRUS and LEONARDO FAVIO among other well-known and prestigious groups.

Sound Designer
Joshua Insanus

Lucas D'ippolito

Sound technician and audio post production with image syncro MOVARTE ESTUDIO . Completing the MUNDRA work team so that everything sounds in its place. With great experience in important audiovisual projects, Lucas is in charge of optimizing all the sounds in the integral works of the production company.

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